Do I Need Term Insurance Plans?


A reader query:

I am a 32 year old person working in the IT industry. I am already having insurance from SBI ( ULIP) and LIC ( endowment plan) with total premium of about 1 lakh per annum. I am not too sure if I should buy a term insurance when I am not going to get anything in return.

– Rajeev Gupta, Bangalore

Our response:

Term insurance plans are for pure protection and covering your liabilities. You might have made the mistake of buying insurance for investment purpose. Your current coverage won’t be more than 25-30 lakhs on endowment and ULIP plans.

Imagine how would your family cover your liabilities of a home loan or educating your child in the unfortunate case of your death. All of us understand the uncertainty of life and buying term insurance is the only way to protect your loved ones from financial misery. In your case, you can easily get a cover of 1 cr by paying a small premium of 8000-9000 per annum, which is very much affordable and ensures that you have an adequate cover. Do not view term insurance plans as financial investment, it is an investment in the protection of your family.

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