What to learn from recent train accident near Kanpur?

Recently I asked someone- What did you learn from the recent train accident near Kanpur? And he gave me a long answer on -how to improve railway security, how Suresh prabhu should resign, so on and so forth..

But he never thought for a second that- this could have happened to him!! And if this were to happen to him, how will his family cope up with the situation- both emotionally and economically! Not to my surprise- he had never imagined such a situation because we never wish to think about death and the negative feelings associated with the same. As a mater of fact, we have been told to be optimism. But the sheer optimism of those 143 passengers couldn’t save them from death and the same optimism is not going to help the children who survived!

How many of those do you think would have a term insurance cover? Not many I guess..

So while it pays to be an optimist, one has to be prepared for worst scenarios in life- that is what will make you and your family navigate such situations in life!

So if you are still avoiding term insurance as it doesn’t give you any return- think again! You could have been one of the passengers in that train that hoped to reach its destination the next day! Think about the financial security this one decision of yours can provide can provide to your family.

So I urge you to have a quick term plan comparison and protect your family today.

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