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Claim Settlement Ratio for Aegon Religare Term Insurance in 2014-15 and 2015-16

Claim Settlement Ratio Aegon Religare in 2015

Aegon Religare term plan ( iTerm) has been a popular name in the term insurance but its claim settlement ratio in the past years have not been up to the mark. Here is some data for Aegon Religare claim settlement data for 2014-15 (ending March 31, 2015). This is for individual death claims. The official data shall be published by IRDA in beginning of 2016.

For 2014-15

No. of Claims received- 460

No. of Claims Settled- 413

Claim Settlement Ratio- 89.78%

Claims Rejected within first 2 years – 43

Claims Rejected Post 2 years- 3

Aegon Religare has certainly showed a lot of improvement in its claim settlement ratio for 2014-15. Also the data shows that over 90% of claim rejections happen during first 2 years of taking the policy! You can check the historical claim settlement ratio data for Aegon Religare by getting a quote and doing a detailed comparison. It is important to check premiums as well as historical claim settlement ratios before buying your term plan.

Update– Latest 2015-16 data for Aegon Life has been updated in our comparison tool.

Claim Settlement Ratio for Term Insurance Companies in 2014-15- Max Life Insurance

Term Insurance Claim Ratio

Although IRDA is yet to publish, the official claim settlement ratios for term insurance companies in 2014-15, we can still get a decent idea about the same from company data. Here is some data for Max Life insurance claim settlement data for 2014-15 (ending March 31, 2015). This is for individual death claims.

For 2014-15

No. of Claims received- 9152

No. of Claims Settled- 8788

Claim Settlement Ratio- 96.02%

Claims Rejected within first 2 years – 225

Claims Rejected Post 2 years- 75

This means that over 75% of claim rejections or MaxLife happenned during first 2 years of taking the policy! You can check the historical claim data for Max Life by doing a detailed comparison.

Best Term Insurance Plans in India- A quick comparison


Best Term Insurance Plan

Please see an updated version of the comparison here- IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio for 2015 – Compare best online term insurance plans

As online term plans have gained popularity, almost all the life insurance companies have come up with their online term plans and claims to have the best term insurance plan. We usually view two criteria for comparing the term plans- price and claim settlement ratio.

When it comes to price- you will find many cheap plans from Aegon Religare, Aviva, Reliance, Max Life, Bharti AXA etc. Most of these (barring Max Life) have claim settlement ratios that are below 90%.

When it comes to claim settlement ratio- Most of the good players in the market like LIC, Max Life, HDFC Life, ICICI Pru, Kotak, Bajaj Allianz etc have claim settlement ratios that are closer to 95%

Combining these two criteria , here is our opinion of the best term insurance plans in the market:

Max Life Online Term Plan – Currently the Best Term Insurance Plan in India

    • Not only is it one of the cheapest plans, it scores really well in IRDA claim settlement ratio and complaint resolution.
    • Also Max Life carries a premium brand image in the market. As they were a little late to launch online term plan, they have priced it aggressively when compared to the likes of HDFC Life and SBI Life.

HDFC LIFE Click2Protect– Most consistent when it comes to claim settlement ratios

    • Although this is not the cheapest policy in the market ( about 20-25% expensive), it has maintained high claim settlement ratios for the past several years. You can check the historical claim ratios on
    • Good brand in the market as it has the HDFC pedigree. Also it has wide branch network in the country.

Bharti Axa, Aviva, Aegon, Reliance Term Plans – Cheapest but not the best

    • These plans are cheap but their IRDA claim settlement ratio is below industry average and definitely lower than the rest
    • Most of the claim ratios are in the 80s unlike SBI or LIC or Max Life which are well above 90%.

LIC,SBI Life, Kotak Life, ICICI PrulifeTerm Plans – Good claim settlement ratio but not the cheapest

    • LIC scores very high on claim settlement ratio ( around 97%) but their pricing is double that of something like Max Life. I won’t recommend spending so much on a term plan! The reason for the same is the fact that LIC’s bread and butter is single premium and endowment plans which are sold through agents.
    • SBI Life, Kotak, HDFC Life’s  online term plans are about 30-40% expensive than the cheapest plans in the market. Almost all of them have claim settlement ratios that are in excess of 90%.
    • All these carry good brand image in the market and thats why they try to charge extra for the same.

Compare the premiums and online claim ratios ( along with historical trends) at


IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio 2013-14 – Compare Term Insurance Plans


Update- We have updated the claim settlement ratios of insurers for 2014-15 on our website. Compare now to view details. We have written about Max Life claim ratio for 2014-15 here.

Following is the statistics for IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio 2013-14 for individual death claims by insurance companies. I have tried to take some of the popular brands in the market.

No of Claims Recd Claim Amount Claim paid
Aegon Religare 324 26.34 81%
Bharti AXA 950 26.14 cr 88.13%
Aviva 2033 119.83 cr 84.01%
HDFC Life 6824 216.94 cr 94.01%
Edel TOKIO 48 4.5cr 60.00%
Bajaj Allianz 21658 440.98 cr 91.29%
Kotak 2687 71.09 cr 90.69%
SBI Life 12960 255.28cr 91.06%
Birla SunLife 8071 268 cr 87.76%
ICICI Pru Life 12608 278.6cr 94.1%
Max Life 8896 214.6 cr 93.86%
Reliance Life 17241 202.96 81.97%
Tata AIA 4225 94.80 89.68
LIC 746212 8475.26 cr 98.14%
  • Among the private players Max Life, HDFC Life, ICICI Pru rank as the Top 3 when it comes to claim settlement ratio. Premium wise Max Life is the cheapest and ICICI PruLife is the most expensive
  • Aegon, Axa, Aviva are cheap but don’t have great claim settlement ratio
  • LIC has the best claim settlement ratio but their online term insurance is damn expensive.

You can compare online term insurance plan premiums and historical  IRDA claim settlement ratio data from 2010 to 2014 using our term insurance premium calculator.

IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio for Max life Insurance

Complaint Resolution data for Max Life Insurance

IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio 3013-14 for Insurance Companies in India



5 reasons why people in India don’t buy term insurance

Being in the business of financial advisory, I find many intelligent and educated people who are without adequate insurance cover.Sometimes  one wonders why people don’t buy term insurance in India despite it being such a cheap product. Here are some of the reasons:


As term insurance is not mandatory, many people don’t see the value in it. Just because a car insurance is mandatory or a home loan company mandates that you buy term insurance, people do not see a lot of value in buying insurance.They consider it a waste as they are not going to get anything in return. As insurance is not a tangible product ( unlike a car or house) and whose benefits are usually available in the future,many people ignore it. Also unlike western world, where insurance is considered extremely important, in Indian context this is a fairly new concept and we are not used to it.


Most of us are bad at estimating probabilities, hence we many people prefer to be in denial, thinking- this won’t happen to me. Call it “bhagwan bharose”. Hence we prefer to be self insured rather than getting insured for our risks  by an insurance company. Many others are not educated about their risks and their families pay heavily in times of a sudden death in the family.



Since insurance costs money, many people in the past couldn’t afford the same. With the advent of cheap online term plans, it has become easier and cheaper to buy insurance cover.


Since life insurance was sold as an investment product to many uninformed people in India, many people are just wary of anything to do with life insurance. As a result, they refuse to indulge in any conversation related to life insurance. They are sometimes pleasantly surprised that they can get such higher term insurance coverage by paying such small amounts.


Insurance companies sell so many variations of life insurance products that a customer usually feels lost and confused. As a result, he is not able to decide as to which product is suitable. Term insurance is the simplest of all insurance product, which unfortunately is never pushed by your neighborhood agent.

If you also fall in any of the above categories, I’d suggest that you educate yourself by finding more about term insurance and get a premium for your age by getting a quote at Trucompare. Make sure you buy the best product that meets your needs.

Never leave things to chance.


Do I Need Term Insurance Plans?


A reader query:

I am a 32 year old person working in the IT industry. I am already having insurance from SBI ( ULIP) and LIC ( endowment plan) with total premium of about 1 lakh per annum. I am not too sure if I should buy a term insurance when I am not going to get anything in return.

– Rajeev Gupta, Bangalore

Our response:

Term insurance plans are for pure protection and covering your liabilities. You might have made the mistake of buying insurance for investment purpose. Your current coverage won’t be more than 25-30 lakhs on endowment and ULIP plans.

Imagine how would your family cover your liabilities of a home loan or educating your child in the unfortunate case of your death. All of us understand the uncertainty of life and buying term insurance is the only way to protect your loved ones from financial misery. In your case, you can easily get a cover of 1 cr by paying a small premium of 8000-9000 per annum, which is very much affordable and ensures that you have an adequate cover. Do not view term insurance plans as financial investment, it is an investment in the protection of your family.

For exact premiums of term insurance plans and comparing between different insurers like Aviva, Aegon, SBI Life etc, please get a quote today and buy a policy online.


Term Insurance Comparison – Which is the Best Term Insurance Plan in India?


Term Insurance Comparison

In earlier posts, we have looked at various criteria that can be used for term insurance comparison. Although it is difficult to say which is the best term insurance plan in India, one can keep the following policies in mind before making a buy decision.

HDFC LIFE Click2Protect– Currently the Best Term Insurance Plan in India

Compare the premiums and online claim ratios at



AVIVA iLife– Value for Money

  • One of the cheapest in the market.
  • Scores reasonable well in claim settlement ratio and customer retention metrics. They can give serious competition to HDFC if they improve upon their claim settlement ratios.
  • Global brand in the insurance market. In UK, they are considered a very decent brand

BHARTI AXA and RELIGARE Aegon – Cheapest term plans

Kotak, Edelweiss Tokio and Bajaj Allianz– Worth consideration

  • Edelweiss is cheaper than the rest but has limited track record. At the same time,the company is making strides to create a brand. It will be good to see the IRDA claim settlement ratio data in 2012
  • Kotak Preferred allows you to add the sum assured at a later stage in life.
  • Bajaj Allianz is one of the best managed insurer in the country.

SBI Life – For those who prefer public insurers

  • Costs much lower than LIC but higher than the likes of HDFC,Aviva or Religare Aegon
  • Scores good in claim settlement and customer retention metrics.
  • Trustworthy brand in the market

LIC Term Plan– Good claim ratio but damn expensive

  • For those, who want to go for LIC, unfortunately they have outpriced themselves out of the market. Currently they cost 4 times the cheapest plan in the market.
  • One might consider shifting to LIC term plans as and when they come up with a cheaper and more competitive option.

I’d recommend a revisit to the article on choosing term insurance to get the basics right for term insurance comparison before deciding on the cover and the term. It is important to insure your life before you think of anything else. For a quick quote or advice specific to your situation, compare the best term insurance plans online.

Compare the premiums and online claim ratios at


Get a quote now

IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio of Life Insurance Companies


As indicated in my earlier post, IRDA claim settlement ratio might be an important factor in determining the best term insurance plan in India. Following is the stats for 2011-12 for  IRDA claim settlement ratio for individual death claims by insurance companies. I have tried to take some of the popular brands in the market. I have also included premium for a 1 crore/30 year old/30 year person in order to make some cost comparisons also.

Premium(30Ys) No of Claims Recd Claim Amount Claim paid Rejected
Aegon Religare 8202 274 16.15 cr 66.00% 33%
Bharti AXA 8202 935 23.3 cr 87.70% 10.80%
Aviva 8279 2240 71.5 cr 89.50% 9.50%
HDFC Life 11911 5149 107.23 cr 96.17% 3.63%
Edel TOKIO 12921 1 0.05cr 100.00% 0%
Bajaj Allianz 14169 27200 423 cr 90.61% 6.28%
Kotak 16574 2949 85 cr 89.00% 5.24%
SBI Life 18875 11864 185cr 95% 3.19%
Birla 19214 10900 280 cr 90.94% 8.78%
ICICI Pru Life 23993 14829 225cr 96.53% 3.16%
Max Life 26405 9031 216 cr 89.84% 8.58%
LIC 37753 731336 6873 cr 97.42% 1.30%
  • It is clear from the above table that guys like LIC and SBI have high claim payment ratios but LIC also has one of the highest premium in the market!
  • Edelweiss Tokio’s stats are insignificant
  • Bharti AXA, though cheap is still in its early days
  • Among bigger private players, Aviva,HDFC Life and Bajaj Allianz look decent

We will continue to provide you with updated IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio of Life Insurance Companies every year. To compare all these details online and know exact premium for the required coverage, click here. Please visit to get an online premium quote delivered to your email.


Are Endowment Plans, aka Traditional Life Insurance Plans, Any Good for Wealth Creation?

Since most of the life insurance policies in India are still sold as “savings and investment”, endowment plans( also known as traditional life insurance plans) are the most popular of the products. This trend was started by LIC of India ( oldest insurer in India) whose agents goaded investors to save and invest for the long term for their retirement or for their children’s education and marriage. Indians being the great savers they are, were easily lured into such plans. In other cases, these life insurance plans have been sold as the best “tax saving instrument”. And the reason for pushing these have been the commissions earned by the agent of LIC of India for these plans. Now look at the reality of wealth creation by such life insurance plans.

I will take an example of HDFC Life Endowment Plan for a 30 year old male ( results will be similar for other insurers like LIC of India).

Sum Assured- 10 lakhs

Duration- 20 years

Premium- 47000

Maturity Amount @ 6% bonus- 1357000 ( Realistic)

CAGR – 3.7%

Maturity @10% bonus – 1958000 ( Best Case)

CAGR – 7.1%

As Life insurance companies in India typically invest in government securities, your typical bonus would actually be closer to 6%( look at this bonus table from LIC of India), hence your CAGR would be around 4%. Please make a note that most of these bonuses do not compound.

Can you see the real truth behind these measly returns? Would these be enough for your future needs?

Now lets took at an alternative of buying a ” term insurance + Tax saving MF ” – this will give you the same insurance and tax benefits as the endowment policy. The intent is to compare the “wealth creation” element.

Assuming premium paid is 47000 ( same as in the endowment plan)

For sake of comparison, I have taken HDFC Life Insurance policies only

Premium for a 10 lakh life insurance policy for 20 years ( HDFC Life) – 2600

Investment of 44400 in HDFC Tax Saver for 20 years.

Rate of return- Although this fund has given 29% for last 14 years( since 1999), we will be conservative and take an expected return of about 12%.

Maturity Amount (12%)- 32 lakhs

Maturity Amount (20%)- 82.89 lakhs

Can you see how buying an endowment plan actually reduces your chance of any wealth creation! Give this illustration a thought before you buy your next endowment plan. One should never buy financial products based on “gut feel’ or “hard sell”. Look at the hard data and historical evidence.

So ask these questions from your LIC advisor before he comes knocking at your door for the next fabulous plan.

If you have been stuck in endowment plans, this might a good time to surrender or make it a reduce paid up policy ( if you have paid for 3+ years). No point throwing good money after bad!

If you are near the maturity of an endowment plan, then you better increase your coverage by buying a term insurance. If you need help with your current situation or buying life insurance policies, feel free to contact or check for an online quote.



LIC of India Term Insurance Plan Review from TruCompare

LIC of India logo

Company: LIC of India

Product Name- Amulya Jeevan         

Product features:

  • Minimum sum assured of 25 lakhs
  • Maximum sum assured- No limit
  • Available up to 35 years duration
  • Maximum Age at Entry – 60 years
  • Maximum Age at Maturity- 70 years

Company’s pitch:

  • The oldest and most trusted Life Insurance company in India

Our view:

  • PLUS- LIC of India has the best IRDA Claim Settlement Ratio of more than 97%. Check here for comparison with others.
  • PLUS- LIC of India has one of lowest customer churns.Check here for comparison with others. Excellent customer support.
  • MINUS- The price is VERY HIGH as it is an offline policy. It costs almost 3-4 times a similar policy by Aviva Life Insurance or HDFC Life who have decent IRDA claim settlement ratio.

Contact us to get best deals on term insurance.